Atlas Stageworks Lighting (ASL) stocks a variety of equipment for last-minute production needs, including gel, cables, and tape. We welcome walk-in customers during our regular business hours, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

If you would like your sales order prepped and waiting at the counter, you can call or email ahead of your visit. For sales inquiries or orders, please contact Johannah Shepard, Sales Manager, at or by phone at 919-839-2288. We are very responsive to customer demands and can stock additional items if you have a regular need of something.

ASL is also a dealer for many manufacturers, providing systems consultations, installations, and service for all equipment that we sell. ASL often has used equipment from our inventory for sale as well.

We help clients create and order custom gobos. If you are interested in a custom gobo, please contact Johannah Shepard, our Sales Manager, at or at 919-839-2288. You can learn more about the guidelines for a custom gobo order on the Rosco website.

ASL Sales Inventory


  • Rosco, Lee, and GAM gel color
  • Gel Frames


  • Gaff Tape: 2″ Gaff Tape in black, grey, white, dark green, dark blue, electric blue, tan, brown, yellow, neon pink, red, neon orange, & neon yellow
  • Other Tapes: Vinyl floor tape, console/marking tape, glow tape, spike tape, friction tape, duvetyne tape

Lamps (Light Bulbs)

  • We stock hundreds of lamps including HPL, MSR, Par 64, Par 56, BTL, BTN, DYS, ENX, FCM, FEL, GLA, HTI, & HMI


  • Safety cables
  • Stage Pin and DMX cable
  • Plugs and connectors


  • Rosco and GAM steel pattern gobos
  • Rosco ImagePro slide kits and transparency sheets
  • Gobo Holders
  • Irises
  • Custom Gobos: We can order custom gobo patterns in steel or glass for a variety of fixtures to project your logo or custom image. If you are interested in a custom gobo, please contact Johannah Shepard, our Sales Manager, at or by phone at 919-839-2288. You can learn more about the guidelines for a custom gobo order on the Rosco website.

Effects and Speciality

  • Rosco scenic paint
  • Rosco Flamex fire retardants
  • Special effects fluids including fog, haze, bubble, & snow


  • Rigging supplies
  • Stage hardware
  • Tie line
  • Stagehand tools

ASL Product Lines

Theatrical Lighting Manufacturers

Gel and Gobos

Truss & Rigging

  • Area4 (Formerly Milos) Truss
  • Applied Electronics
  • Cosmic Truss
  • Duratruss
  • Fehr Brothers
  • Global Truss
  • J.R. Clancy
  • Light Source
  • Motion Laboratories
  • Ultimate Stands & Support

Cable & Power Distribution

Effects & Speciality

  • Airstar
  • C.I.T.C.
  • Rose Brand
  • Stage Dec Theatrical Drapery


  • Clear-Com
  • Doug Fleenor Design
  • Littlite
  • Pathway Connectivity
  • Pro Intercom


  • Penn Elcom Case Hardware
  • TCH Case Hardware


  • AC Lighting
  • ACT Lighting
  • Barbizon
  • Carolina Tape & Supply
  • Creative Stage Lighting
  • Main Light
  • PRG
  • TMB
  • Ushio Lamps
  • 4-Wall Entertainment Lighting