Dimming & Power

Atlas Stageworks Lighting (ASL) can provide plenty of dimming control, power distributors (distros), and cable to manage any event.



  • ETC Sensor 48 Touring rack
  • ETC Sensor 24 Portable dimming pack
  • Leprecon 6-channel dimming pack
  • NSI 4-channel dimming pack
  • 1500w and 600w manual rheostat dimmers

Power Distros

  • 200A 3-phase moving light distro with 208V and 120V multi-cable outputs, Camloc input and pass-through
  • 100A 3-phase distro with individual 208V and 120V circuits, Camloc input
  • 50A single-phase distro with individual 208V and 120V circuits, 50A twist-lock input


  • Camloc feeder cable in 4/0, 2/0, and #2 gauges
  • Camloc Tees and turnarounds
  • 50A twist-lock extensions
  • 10-gauge and 12-gauge L-620 cable
  • 12-gauge stage pin cable
  • 12-gauge Edison cable
  • XLR cable in 5-pin, 4-pin, and 3-pin varieties